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Needle safety processing unit E-70N
Needle safety processing unit E-70N
It is very risky to leave used injection needles without any treatment.
The disposer can dispose about 400 needles of 23G ~ one inch with battery charge fo about 24 hours.

Item Specifications
Processing time 3 sec. for 1-inch 23G
Needle can be handled Thickness of 18`27G
(nomal size, blood collection needle)
EStandard needle plate when mounted :
Needle length 13`38o
The thickness of the syringe diameter 6.5`30o
Power Battery (charged by charging adapter)
Charged adapters AC10V 50/60Hz
Battery EType : 6VA10Ah@Small seal pencil battery, with 250 tabs
ECharging time : about 14 hours (until the light disappears)
Only liquid deodorant 20ml / 1
Operating conditions ETemperature : 5`30
EHumidity : 30%`80%RH
Life of equipment 5 years (except for the electrodes and batteries)
Size about 200x197x170 o (WxDxH)
Weight Body : about 5.1kg,
charging adapters : about 0.6kg
Attached article Manual, charging adapters, dust box (1),
only liquid deodorant (1)
Warranty period 1 year

Please contact us for the price and delivery.

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