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CSR charter¥Privacy policy
1DPropGene Inc. is a biotechnology venture company based in Koganei campus or Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and will comply with the university's regulations.

2DWe have established the following as our privacy policy in accordance with Japan's Personal Information Protection Act, for personal information of individuals and organizations concerned, including our employees and customers.

PropGene Inc. is offering various services relating to human health with clinical tests as main business, with our corporate philosophy to contribute to a healthy and prosperous society.
In recent years, it is required medical care of higher quality from the viewpoint of respect for patients and at the same time, social interests are growing about the importance of medical information disclosure and protection of information treated by IT of patients. Therefore, our company is considering that protection of all personal information from our customers, including medical institutions, is our social responsibility and is a base of our business activity.

Our company has determined 'Privacy Policy' as follows, and declares that we strive to protect personal information, preventing leakage, loss or damage of personal information, by establishing of a personal information protection management system and recognizing of the importance of protection of personal information to our all employees (directors, employees and temporary employees) and at same time, informing everyone of the handling rules of personal information.

Definition of personal information in our company
Personal Information, such as name, date of birth and other statements, is personally identifiable. ( Including information easily comparable with other information and identifiable individual as the result.)

Protection and Correction of Leakage, Loss or Damage of personal information
Taking preventive measures against the expected risk, such as leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we immediately take corrective action, in case any incidents have occurred.

Proper handling of personal information
We handle all personal information properly, in accordance with our personal information protection management system, laws and national guidelines and other standards regarding the protection of personal information, complying with our internal rules.

Collection and use
We do not handled collected personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose. We take measures necessary for that.

We do not disclosure collected personal information to the third parties.

In case a part of our works is in outsourcing, we select contractors who meet our criteria for the protection of personal information and make compliance with privacy protection through daily control of contract and operations.

Complaints and consultations
We establish contact counter for complaints and consultation regarding personal information of our company and respond in good faith internal and external complaints and consultations.

Continuous Improvement
We will improve our personal information protection management system, with regulatory inspections, discussions in the meeting and reviews by the president.

April 1, 2007 established
April 1, 2008 Last updated
PropGene Inc. CEO & President
Ryuji Kawaguchi

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