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PropGene Inc. is a bio-venture located in the campus of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The company has founded in 2004 by some numbers of the universities and industries.

We are expanding our business tools in the field of laboratory testing service, products for the biological test kits, and the consulting service for the genetic and the clinical testing business.

We have been making to commercialize our product, nucleic acid detection kit for the infectious disease, and human predisposition SNP test kit under strong collaborative network among Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and Waseda University as well as other medical universities.

We will continue to accumulate our technologies and also develop the clinical testing methods for responding your purpose.

By Ryuji Kawaguchi, Ph. D. (Founder, President and CEO)

In accordance with the Management Mission: "we strive to establish superior customer services in the field of clinical testing and to develop innovative biotechnological products.

We are actively conducting research and development and aiming at steadily growing revenues of those differential products from already existing products to be able to provide good returns to our stockholders.

Based on our venture spirit, we are also challenging to improve our business performance by conducting business aggressively with quick decision-making and to improve management efficiency.

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